Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Help Desk

The Help Desk Application has been developed from CSO Lanifex GmbH to define complex processes and to daily work and control these processes.

This module might be used stand allone or as a submodule from LFX Event Horizon, a comprehensive security monitoring tool. Within LFX Event Horizon it covers the incident handling and management process. Incidents are automatically phased in to a predefined process.

In a separate development Lanifex provides the whole ISO17799 as process control objectives.

Your Business Benefits

Processes are not only documented, they are living and the employees have to work with the predefined process controls

Due to the Control- and escalation mechanism the processes stay under control. You get at any time you wish an overview of the open tasks and the status of a specific process can be seen.

The planning of resources can be matched with the open tasks and is documented and under control.

  • Web-Interface: access is given from every computer in the internet independent from the operating system (Unix, Windows, Mac, ...). All data are stored in a SQL database, so they might be shared with any other application.
  • Processdefinition: For each process a specific design is stored. The steps of the process are shown graphically and as a list with details.
  • Start Request: Immediately when an event occurs, which is assigned to a specific process it starts automatically or by hand. The process works automatically according to the predefined definitions.
  • Overview: different persons might get different views and informations according to their role in the process.
  • Control of the Management: In each process a specific role for the management might be foreseen. For example the purchasing can only order, when the manager has approved to buy.
  • Control and Escalation: in the system escalations can be defined according to timetables. An alarm for the next step of the process is generated automatically. So a process stays under control.
  • Feedback: all users might post comments to the process itself. So a permanent improvement of the process itself it enabled. There is less danger that the process is dying or becomes obsolete.

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